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Ann Gelsheimer, Conscious Evolution Radio“I asked Heather Arielle to read my natal chart as well as a chart for my internet radio show, Conscious Evolution Radio on VoiceAmerica.  I found her readings to be so insightful and helpful as well as validating in terms of my own intuition and decisions.  Her approach was warm and generous, and her interpretations were very accurate.  What I particularly appreciate about Heather Arielle’s approach is her ability to identify and communicate the higher potential in each situation and how to recognize and benefit from opportunities presented by the transits in our charts.  I would encourage anyone facing a big decision or feeling the need for change to give themselves the gift of an astrological reading with Heather Arielle.” — Ann Gelsheimer, Host of Conscious Evolution Radio, Voice America, 7th Wave Channel

Tom Gualtieri, Playright, Lyricist, Actor, Director“Arielle is an insightful and caring astrologer. I’ve been working on a project – my solo adaptation of Macbeth which opens off-off-Broadway this month (www.solomacbeth.com) and certain “hard” aspects in my chart made the project seem untenable. Arielle guided me though, explaining how those hard aspects aren’t something to fear but something to examine, understand and utilize. She takes the misconceptions out of astrology.” — Tom Gualtieri, Playright, Lyricist, Actor, Director

Smithi-Agarwal_SQ“My mother recently had her Visa interview. I asked Arielle for the day that would be best for my mom to get her through this interview. She suggested one. My mom had already taken a date. Arielle asked my mother to change it to this other date that she had suggested. My mother was adamant and decided on going with the one she had picked up. Unfortunately, my mom could not even reach the visa office (exactly what Arielle had told me). Later she followed Arielle’s advice and as she predicted my mom got through. She is simply great. I love the way she explains all that she foresees in our charts and the practical solutions that she gives to any problems that we may have to face. I have not words enough to tell how much impressed I am with her readings, her explanations and her guidance. I am so thankful to God to have made me meet her.” — Smithi Agarwal, IT Consultant

Karen Gresham Nickell, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Spiritual Medium“Arielle’s astrology readings will keep you well informed about the upcoming events in these transitional times. She is a fantastic astrologer who will take you on that special enlightened journey about your life. Her creative, astrological communication is magical! Everyone will definitely enjoy having their personalized Astro chart done by Arielle. She’s the best.” —Karen Gresham Nickell, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Spiritual Medium, www.KarenGresham.com

“I learned so much about myself from the natal chart you sent me. I have known about my Aquarian traits of rebellion and individuality, but I had thought of myself as a misfit because of my life experiences. Neither my childhood, marriages, nor my jobs have been harmonious situations; and I have largely blamed myself.

“You have helped me realize that it is natural, normal for me to want to rebel against authoritarian demands and dogmatic principles to which I do not subscribe.  Instead of responding to situations in a way that I thought others expected me to act, I should have trusted my instincts and celebrated my individuality.

“My life has been a struggle for control of my own destiny because I have been subjected to the power plays of parents, spouses, and bosses.  Had I realized that this was a challenge to overcome rather than endure, I would have made better decisions.

“Thank you for helping me see the open door and take charge of my life. I look forward to my next private reading with you.” — Christine Conrad, High School Journalism Teacher