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Terms of Service

1) Please provide your name and birth information, including your day, month, year, location, and exact time of birth. If, at a later date, you discover that this is in fact not your correct birth time, you will have to purchase an additional reading.

2) All readings are done through Zoom Video, which is HIPAA compliant. There are no exceptions. If you do not have Zoom, you can download the app here. This is for your own protection and also allows Heather Arielle to give you the most accurate reading.

3) By booking a session with Heather Arielle, you are booking an astrology reading, which is a reading based on your exact time of birth. Sometimes, Heather Arielle will pull a few inspirational messages from her Oracle Deck, The Fundamentals of Astrology: a 52-card deck and guidebook. The cards are merely supplemental to the reading and are ALWAYS intended for the person receiving the reading. So, if, at a later date, you discover that your birth time was inaccurate, it will invalidate the astrology part of your reading but not the oracle card part. The inspirational messages should continue to resonate for you.

4) I understand that all services and products provided by Arielle’s Astrology, LLC are for spiritual growth, guidance, and entertainment purposes only. Any information provided here is not intended to replace professional medical, psychological, or legal advice. Arielle’s Astrology, LLC shall not be held accountable for any loss which may arise from any consumer reliance on any service, product, or information provided.