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2021 Astro Oracle Planner & Activity Book (Digital Edition)


Our 13-month Planner & Activity Book helps you make the most of your astrological energy in fun, creative ways!

This Digital Edition is a fillable PDF.

Online Special: Get 30% off the Digital Edition Planner. Use code PLANNER30 at check out. (Through Jan 31, 2021)

To do the inspirational readings and spreads outlined in the Planner, you will need a tarot or oracle deck. Although not essential, in order to have the most in-depth experience, it is recommended that the Planner be used in conjunction with Heather Arielle’s The Fundamentals of Astrology: A 52 Card Deck and Guidebook available from Amazon.

The Planner is also available in paperback Print Edition from Amazon. $34.95 (184 pages, full color, paperback)



A 13-Month Planner & Workbook to Make the Most of your Astrological Energy and Bring Equilibrium Into Your Life

This unique astrology planner and activity workbook will help you develop and strengthen your knowledge and intuition throughout the year.

Develop your full potential through creative, inspirational oracle card spreads and fun, creative astrology activities.

Take advantage of important transits throughout the year involving the five Personal Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and how they impact YOU personally with astrology activities.

Successfully maneuver the potent energies of the year’s Mercury and Venus Retrograde with unique retrograde spreads.

Be present with your energy between each New and Full Moon, a powerful two-week window when whatever you start or develop will grow and blossom.

Use the Solstice and Equinox spreads to be especially present with your energy during these powerful times and set clear intentions so you can make the most of these new beginnings.

In your 2021 Planner you will find:

  • Weekly Inspirational Card Draw
  • NEW THIS YEAR! Solstice and Equinox Spreads
  • Over 40 Personal Planet Astrology Activities
  • Monthly New Moon Oracle Spreads
  • Mercury and Venus Retrograde Spreads
  • Two 12-Month Astrological Spreads to prepare you for 2021 and 2022

To do the inspirational readings and spreads outlined in the planner, you will need a tarot or oracle deck and your natal birth chart.

Also available in paperback Print Edition, $34.95 (184 pages, full color, paperback)

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