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Astro Oracle: Through the Lens of Astrology Podcast

Fun, creative, meaningful ways to help you be present with your astrological energy.

Heather Arielle interviews experts in alternative healing modalities and fearlessly explores unique ways to bring transformation into your life. She also discusses global energy, current events, and the path through these revolutionary times. 

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Mars in Cancer & New Moon in Taurus: Embrace Earthly Pleasures

Learn David St. Clair’s Cosmic Forces Formula

Sun in Taurus: How To Value Yourself & Others

Spring Equinox/Sun in Aries: Be Fearless, Be Fast

Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius Through the 12 Houses

The Symbolism of Astrology

Bite-Size Meditations: Loving Minute and Soul Remedies

Breonna Taylor and the Birth Chart of Louisville, KY

An Experience with COVID-19

Illuminating the Path Through Biden’s Presidency

Scorpio: Heal, Transform, and be Reborn

Opening the Gift: A Mini Astrology Reading with Heather Arielle

Speak with clarity, seek transparency

New Moon in Libra Oracle Card Spread

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