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Recommended Reading: Astrology Books

Contemporary Astrologers Handbook, Sue Tompkins

1) Sue Tompkins: The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook and Aspects in Astrology. These books receive my highest recommendation. Sue Tompkins writes with passion and clarity and is able to cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. If you want to learn about astrology in general, then her books should be considered essential reading. (Beginners)

Planets in Composite, Robert Hand

2) Robert Hand: Planets in Transit and Planets in Composite. My favorite astrologer. If you buy one book on Transits, buy this one. If you buy one book on the Composite Chart, buy this one. (Intermediate)

“Saturn is the illusion that there is a reality, and Neptune is the truth that there isn’t.” — Robert Hand, Essays on Astrology

Astrology for Lovers, Liz Greene

3) Liz Greene: Astrology for Lovers. Thoughtful and fun, Liz Greene writes about love and lovers with sensitivity and compassion. Her books offer solid, practical advice. (Beginners)

Time to Remember, Nancy Anne Hastings

4) Nancy Anne Hastings: Time to Remember is a revolutionary work that takes the reader through an incredible journey as Hastings explores the complex ramifications of the Progressed Chart. (Intermediate and Advanced students)

the practice of prediction, nancy anne hastings

5) Nancy Anne Hastings: The Practice of Prediction. An exciting and nuanced book that offers the advanced student invaluable insight into one of the most challenging aspects of astrology.