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Spring Rushes in Like a Lion…

or should I say… like Aries the Ram.

Each year spring rushes in with help from Aries, our fiery friend, giving us all that little extra zip in our step. What does this mean for you and me?  It means that this April is the month of the individual. It is the month to take action and initiate plans.

If there’s something you’ve been thinking of doing but putting off for lack of confidence or lack of energy, when the Sun is in Aries is the time to set your plan in motion. A pioneering energy is in full force and continues throughout most of the sign. So take advantage of this opportunity and initiate!

 KEY PHRASES:  Pioneering Energy, Individual Initiative, Adventurous Travel

Make the most of April’s pioneering energy — look to the moon to learn the best time to initiate each type of activity.

EXAMPLE:  My show, THAT PLAY: A Solo Macbeth, which I directed and co-adapted with Tom Gualtieri, premiered in New York at Stage Left Studio under an Aries sun and an Aquarian moon — a moon that supports unique endeavors.  THAT PLAY is a fast paced 80-minute adaptation of Macbeth, performed by one actor — Tom! But unlike a straightforward adaptation, Tom and I made an unusual choice and created a whole new character, a playful and irreverent Narrator who is a central part of the show. Not your mother’s Shakespeare, THAT PLAY is highly unconventional and unusual  — all the qualities that flourish under an unconventional Aquarian moon. Five extensions later, THAT PLAY is still going strong and reopened under another Aquarian moon, no less!  So take a look at the list below and find the best time to initiate your personal activity.

Aquarian Moon: great for unique and unusual endeavors; supports technology, astrology, and anything humanitarian

Aries Moon: great for doing something new — a different haircut, a new diet; competitive activities are especially favored, also adventurous travel

Gemini Moon: supports activities that involve communication, reading, writing, and learning; so sign up for that class, or write that important e-mail

Leo Moon: especially good for fun and creative activities, entertainment and drama, activities with children

Sagittarius Moon: great for publishing, advertising, higher learning, and leisure travel

Pisces Moon: supports creativity and music, so write that poem or start those piano lessons; also good for water activities, such as swimming, sailing, fishing

Taurus Moon: supports financial activities — apply for a loan, balance your checkbook; also good for beginning a long term relationship

Cancer Moon: supports activities that focus on the home — family reunions, changing home décor, home repairs

Virgo Moon: great for detailed work; supports activities that involve your health and being of service to the community

Scorpio Moon:  a good time to seek counseling and a great time to let go of things you no longer need

Capricorn Moon:  a practical moon, it can help you make good business decisions — so redo your investments; and if you haven’t done one, now is the time to put together a business/financial plan

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  • dilip somura
    Posted at 01:25h, 11 April


  • Juanita valantine
    Posted at 13:49h, 22 September

    i just love reading ur readings

  • Juanita valantine
    Posted at 13:51h, 22 September

    i love ur readings