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When trying to understand an astrological aspect, I like to think in terms of doors and to what degree they are opened or closed.

The First Step: A Close Look at Transits – Is the Door Open, Closed, or Ajar?

Astrology is about energy—the energy you have on any given day to get things done.  When you have the absolute best energy, clear and direct, it’s as if the door is wide open; and walking through it will feel effortless. On the other hand, when you have the absolute worst energy, muddled and confused, it’s as if the door is closed, and worse, sometimes even locked. And the energy needed to break down a locked door is much greater than the energy needed to waltz through an already opened one.

The First Step in understanding how to make the most of your daily energy is to understand which transits open doors and which transits close them. To learn more, watch Heather Arielle’s two videos Astrological Transits and Understanding The Trine or scroll down to read more.

The Conjunction, Sextile, & Trine: The Open Door

The Conjunction:  Reach for the Stars

The conjunction is one of the strongest aspects in astrology.  Once a year the Sun returns to the exact degree where it was when you were born.  So once a year, on your birthday, the Sun in the sky is said to conjunct the Sun in your natal chart, giving a powerful boost to your natal Sun’s energy.  Imagine you are standing in front of an open door.  A conjunction will feel as if someone is right behind you, hands on your back, pushing you through, whether or not you’re ready to go.  Exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time, the conjunction is powerful.

conjunction astrology definition

The Sextile: Opportunity Awaits

The sextile is a positive aspect.  When sextiles pop up in your transits, they highlight areas of opportunities.  Imagine again that you are standing in front of an open door.  Only this time, unlike with the conjunction, there’s no one standing behind you ready to push you through.  Whether or not you choose to cross the threshold will be entirely up to you.  Fail to cross and the opportunity will be missed.

astrology sextile definition

The Trine:  A Gift, Just Don’t Forget to Open It

The trine is a harmonious aspect.  When trines pop up in your transits, a gift is yours for the taking.  But here’s the catch—a trine can feel so lovely, so peaceful, that you fail to take full advantage of it.  The door is open; but this time the view is so transfixing, as if a spell is being cast, it can sap you of almost all motivation to walk through.  Then before you know it, the trine passes, the door closes, and the gift remains unopened.

trine astrology definition

Oppositions & Squares: The Closed Door

The Opposition:  The Locked Door

Similar to the conjunction, an opposition is one of the most powerful astrological aspects.  When a transiting planet opposes a planet in your natal chart, an opposition occurs, creating polarizing energy.  Imagine you are standing in front of a closed door; you try to open it but it won’t budge; it’s locked.  That’s what it can feel like to go up against a Saturn or Pluto opposition.  But not all oppositions are difficult—and some can even stimulate your creative potential.

astrology opposition meaning

The Square: Challenge or Obstacle?

The square can represent both positive and negative aspects.  Sometimes it highlights a challenge; other times it creates an obstacle.  Imagine again you are standing in front of a closed door.  This time the door is very heavy and made out of thick stone.  A challenging square aspect will still allow you to open it, but not without effort.  In other words, it will be up to you whether or not you accept the challenge.

A square aspect that creates an obstacle instead of a challenge can be difficult.  You’re still standing in front of the same heavy door, made out of the same thick stone; but this time, it’s as if there are a thousand locks on it.  The good news—at least the square aspect (unlike the opposition) gives you the key.  It will take time to unlock all those locks, and it will take effort to push the door open; but with determination and perseverance, it is possible to overcome the obstacle.

astrology square definition

 The Second Step: When Astrology Opens a Door for You—Walk Through It

Astrology gives you the energy you need at the precise moment you need it.  So when a door opens up for you, it’s important to walk through it and embrace what’s on the other side.

An Example:  You want a raise at work.  Before you know it, you focus almost all of your energy on achieving this goal.  But again and again your actions are thwarted.  A look at your transits might reveal blocked energy in the area of your career—in other words, a closed and locked door.  But at the same time, a door may be opening in the area of relationships.  To make the best use of your astrological energy, always walk through the door that is open.  And by that I mean—take full advantage of the healing energy you’re receiving to work on your relationships, be it with your sister, lover, or best friend.  Eventually, the energy will shift and the door that represents your career will open, and that will be the precise moment to shift your focus to your career and push for your raise.

As you learn more about astrology, keep in mind that astrology, above all else, is full of nuance and subtlety.  I’ve outlined the major aspects only.  In order to fully understand your complete transits, order a Transit Report or schedule a one-on-one personal phone consultation.


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