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“When Astrology Opens A Door for You, Walk Through it with Confidence.” – Heather Arielle

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Heather Arielle, Astrologer

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The Fundamentals of Astrology Oracle Deck

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2022 Astro Planner – Print Edition


2022 Astro Planner – Digital Edition

Love for Heather Arielle’s Fundamentals of Astrology oracle cards


” I absolutely love, “The Fundamentals of Astrology” by Heather Arielle. The book is written in very easy to understand terms. It helps someone to process the multiple meanings each Oracle Card has and how it may individually apply to a person on any given day. The Guide Book is divided into 7 color coded sections for easy reference. It provides basic knowledge on 1, 3, and 4 day spreads as well as 12 month and Astrological spreads. The 52 card deck is very easy to handle and shuffle. Print is large enough even for the most challenged eyesight.” — Ree

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Astro Now: Mars in Aries GOES DIRECT


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Outstanding Podcast & Radio Show

Heather Arielle’s Radio Show, Through the Lens of Astrology, is one of the best resources for my personal healing and growth. The show, which though it has astrology in the title, is about a whole paradigm for how to integrate our minds, bodies, and spirits with the movements of the planets, with what’s going on in the world, and with where we are in our own lives. Heather’s own wisdom and knowledge about astrology forms a solid foundation on which to build a larger and more comprehensive worldview that is caring and honest. Her guests are amazing and she utilizes them well to bring perspectives to her audience from all directions. I never know where she will go next, but I always know it will be somewhere I need to be.” — MICHELLE AUERBACH

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Mini Astro Reading with Heather Arielle
Mini Astro Reading with Heather Arielle
Mini Astro Reading with Heather Arielle
Astro Now: New Moon and Mercury in Scorpio
Astro Now: New Moon and Mercury in Scorpio
Astro Now: New Moon and Mercury in Scorpio


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Astrologer Heather Arielle interviews experts in alternative healing modalities and fearlessly explores unique ways you can bring transformation into your life. Keep up with global astrological energy, current events, and the path through these revolutionary times.


“During a reading with me, you can expect to gain a clear understanding of your natal chart as well as important transits and progressions that will be providing challenges and opportunities. My personal, practical, powerful approach to astrology will give you an awareness as to who you are now, and can help you discover the person you may want to become.”


Heather Arielle, Astrologer