When Pluto Conjuncts Your Ascendant

Are you Capricorn Rising? Is your Capricorn Ascendant between 7 and 15 degrees of Capricorn? If so, then over the course of the next year you will experience a once in a lifetime transit: Pluto will go over your Ascendant and enter your First House, your house of Identity and Physical Health.


Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, represents death, rebirth, and transformation. When Pluto transits your Ascendant, also known as your rising sign, it is a significant transit and marks a critical time in your life. Your ascendant and your first house represent your identity and how other people see you. When Pluto conjuncts your Ascendant, it begins to transform your identity by bringing to light aspects of yourself that have always been there but up until now may not have been visible to others.

Pluto conjuct ascendant

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Because your own identity is undergoing a powerful transformation, others will begin to see you as different; and this could cause rifts in established relationships, especially a marriage. It is a time when you could experience compulsive actions and become involved in power struggles.

Your relationship to yourself as well as to others is changing, whether or not you welcome this change. If you try to fight it and deny the energy, you could go so far as to attract violence into your life. Now is the time to be aware, to become conscious of the person you truly are, warts and all, and to let go of any misguided illusions of self.

Suggested Activity:  Transformation. It’s a wonderful transit for psychotherapy. The energy is there to finally get to the root of what may be deep personality issues. Embrace this time of transformation, and you will come through it a more complete and unified individual.

KEY WORDS & PHRASES:  Transformation, Awareness, Psychotherapy, Getting to the Root of a Problem


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  1. I am Libra sun, Sag moon, and have Capricorn rising… Tell me more about this transit of Pluto?? that is supposed to change my physcial life…

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